Comments: The Ring of Fire

Good to see you're back online again, I was beginning to think you'd abandoned us. Whats the story then, you staying in BA or what? Or id there a cunning plan in the offing? Let us know eh. Cheers and love from all here in heatwaved Paris.

Posted by Brendan at June 27, 2005 08:51 AM


> hi tony I just saw this article in la razon from bolivia... it talks about a change of plans with the anillo energetico but I have not seen anything elsewhere... it just seems funny no other paper would talk about this... the mercosur talks are still going on and nothing is defined, right?
> El Mercosur hace otro plan para el gas boliviano


Mercosur talks were just to put in place a budget then they went to Lima to check out the feasbility technically. Now they've realised it isnt going to work they've brought in Bolivia beacuse you have more gas. The question is was this a back-door plan to export fro Bolivia to Brazil or a backdoor plan to export from Bolivia to Mexico & California for higher prices (or both)?

Guess that cans the catch name aspect :(

Posted by Nando & Tony at July 5, 2005 04:16 PM