Comments: Surviving Anaconda Attack

heya Tones,

i just found your site. google didn't help a lot until i used the search terms ("tony phillips" "south america" tones travel).

i guess my proposal to google (pending once i figure out if IBM can actually own an idea i've had for over three years) about ways to utilize sequential related search terms as an indicator of "failed search" is valid. lexically speaking, if it can be demonstrated that sequential searches are related (lexically and semantically), there is by definition a collaborative nature to that sequnce that informs Google that their Pagerank metric is 'failing" and a key indicator that some other more direct metric (like a cF based success prediction) could be the real answer!

In any event, I hope you are well.

in the context of this thread... anaconda is fairly fast only in water. on land it is almost wholly known as being "slow as hell", mostly due to its weight and girth. My first advice in such a wildlife encounter would be to stand some distance behind its head and beyond its reach (roughly 1/6 of its overall length), and observe it (if it is on the ground) since getting to view such an amazing (and endangered due to human encroachment) critter up close and personal is a real and rare treat.

if in the water and an anaconda shows interest, I (and LikeMinds) would recommend that you get the hell out of the water ASAP!

take care my friend. i hope you are well and enjoying your adventure. mine continues, although in one week i will be off IV therapy and will enjoy a three week "clearing the bloodstream" phase to see where we go next!

all my very best to you, my friend!


Posted by tj vogel at February 12, 2004 02:10 PM