Comments: Medical Emergency in Manuas

This is the first chance I've had to check-in on yout trip. The pics from the Amazon into Peru are fantastic. Sorry to hear about your illness...scary shit! Have you fully recovered or are you having any lingering effects? Be sure to maintain your records for future reference. Not trying to scare you here but if these infections have lingering effects, believe me, you'll want your future physicians to be aware of exactly what nasty bug you got an which organs took a hit when it happened. Now, on the positive least it wasn't Ebola or some other hemmorrhagic fever!
Things are very depressed here with the election results. Democrats and progressives fought their assess off but the party leadership is completely inept. No one quite knows what to expect.
Just received a big promotion and a nice pay raise. Applying to a PhD program at U Bradford (UK) as an extramural student...may finally get to go to England. Also checking out Victoria University (?) in Belfast as a colleague of mine is about to assume an appointment on the faculty of the medical school. Maybe I'll see you over there sometime.
Gotta run.
Take Care

Posted by Rich Kallet at November 6, 2004 09:45 AM