Comments: Burying the Dead

Hey Tony;

Just checking-in. Liked the latest entry. Did you visit the excavation sites? Also, I had heard that as the civil war came to an end, many guerilla members of the URNG had resorted to banditry. I've also wondered if the relationship between the campasinos and large landholders is still as antagonistic and bleak as it was back in the late 1970's. Has globalization in fact made it even worse? Hard to imagine! Will you be spending time in El Salvador and Nicaragua also?

Posted by Rich Kallet at February 14, 2004 05:19 PM

Dear Tony
I am following your progress.
Keep safe!

Posted by Mary-Anne at March 3, 2004 11:37 AM

Hi you two

By now you should be in South America per se, or Canada if Isa was navigating. Hope your enjoying yourselves and generally having fun. No entry for March yet, not even for paddies day, very disappointing Anthony!!!! By the way your not missing anything important, George W, Tony Blair & Jacques Chirac are all still cunts.

Write soon and reassure us stationary people.


R Bum

Posted by Brendan at March 19, 2004 06:57 AM