Comments: Guatemala on the cusp

Hey Tony!
This has been the first opportunity to catch-up with some of your entries since you left Fell St. I was a political organizer for CIPES back in the late 70's-early 80's and I followed Central American politics intensely until almost all news coverage disappeared after the Reagan/Bush junta succeeded in essentially crushing the national liberation forces. I'm glad to finally be able to get some information about what's going on. Your writing is clear, informative and engaging. Please keep it it up.
For a bit of home news, about 2 weeks after you split, the morons TCO hired to fix up your apartment left the side door to the back of 2070 ajar over Columbus Day weekend. I went out between 11AM and 12:45 PM to go pick-up my drums. When I got back, my apartment had been robbed of both lap tops, ~$60 worth of coins, my cell phone and a pair of hiking boots. The robber climbed-up on that little out-cropping that sits behind yours and my apartment and came in through my bedroom window. Within 30 minutes of reporting the break-in, the police at Northern station paged me to say they had arrested a junkie with my computers....seemed the schmuck was driving away from the heist and made an illegal left turn at Market and Church in front of the cops...while driving a car without licence plates! Thank god that most petty criminals are real dumb fucks! (By the way, he had tried to break into your old apartment until he realized it was vacant).
Keep Safe and Keep Reporting


Posted by Rich Kallet at February 4, 2004 10:49 AM