June 29, 2010

Publications and Dances in Concentration Camps

All and all life in Buenos Aires is fine... "Can't complain!" as my mother would say. While the world falls in love with football -- written during one of the more boring world cups-- The society of the spectacle -- mass media and commodity fetishism.. I've been writing and having some cautious success with publications, including one article published in Le Monde Diplomatique, which was great by the way!

Maybe I'm a little down on things because I am suffering from a bout of gastroenteritis in the southern Winter but it seems the dark side of life is never too far away these days. One weird and strange example took place this morning. I found out totally by chance that the place I used to go to drink, dance and carouse at heavy metal concerts in Germany was a sub-concentration camp of Dachau. No-one ever mentioned it to me, or if they did I didn't understand. Kaufering Landsberg am Lech it its name.

While on the subject of military coups yesterday was the first anniversary of the Honduras coup and a person I recently got to meet showed her film in Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras) last night. Joey Huff-Hannon, a journo. friend in New York wrote in the U.K. Guardian about last nights airing of her film. The film is called "Quien dijo Miedo?" (rough translation "Who says we're scared?".) Personal experiences of the Honduran military coup, resistance to same and the deaths of journalists and resistance leaders at the hands of the military and the police. Not pretty, I warned her to be careful when she showed it in Tegucigalpa -- over a dinner of Peruvian ceviche two weeks back before she left the relative safety of Buenos Aires where the film was produced.

I wrote a (Spanish) mini review of the movie in Densidad Regional which for now remains a personal project but is gaining momentum. I am trying to turn it into a reference for regional development in Latin America. The masters degree I'm finishing up is run by an ex-Minister called Aldo Ferrer who invented a concept called National Density, sort of like a critical mass for nationalism, I took the term and extended to the region; hence my term Regional Density. Maybe we should ask the Greeks and the Irish about that concept in the European context :)

Most of what I'm up to these days is working against Climate Change, mostly in Spanish. I edit the online magazine for the Argentine group for Evo's Bolivian People's alternative to the Copenhagen Accord, the CMPCC. I'm pretty much convinced that the COP/UNFCCC process will collapse in Mexico or if not it will hobble on till South Africa. It is a shame we really should know better, we humans! Onward and upward to the extinction of at least 30% of all life forms on the planet, (Update: Did you see the coverage on Nagoya, probably not?) Is the multinational lobby really strong enough to destroy that much life on this planet? Are we really this stupid?

íViva Paraguay Cabrones!

All indicators suggest that it is so! Oh well! Maybe James Lovelock (the inventor of the Gaia principle) was right and we should just sit back and enjoy the football spectacle. It's already over. Me I still side with Martin Luther King who said: "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree."


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